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Every year, more than 500,000 American men undergo a vasectomy. That equates to about 5% of all married men of reproductive age. At Advanced Urology in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey, Kjell Youngren, MD, provides vasectomies to men of all ages. Specifically, he offers no-scalpel vasectomy on-site on an outpatient basis. To schedule an appointment, book a consultation online or call the office to speak with a caring staff member today.

Vasectomy Q & A

What is a vasectomy?

A vasectomy serves as a permanent form of contraception. Following the procedure, your sperm and semen can no longer mix, significantly reducing your risk of an unwanted pregnancy. 

Traditionally, a vasectomy required the use of surgical tools. However, thanks to advances in treatment techniques, you now have the option of no-scalpel vasectomy. This minimally invasive procedure results in less bleeding and quicker recovery times. What’s more, it’s just as effective as traditional vasectomy.

How is no-scalpel vasectomy different from a traditional vasectomy?

The main difference between a no-scalpel and traditional vasectomy is the way that Dr. Youngren accesses the vas deferens — two ducts that carry sperm from your testicles to your urethra. 

During a traditional vasectomy, Dr. Youngren makes two incisions along the sides of your scrotum to reach the vas deferens. 

With no-scalpel vasectomy, Dr. Youngren uses an external clamp to hold your vas deferens in place. He then makes a small hole in your scrotum with a thin needle, gaining access to the ducts.

How do I prepare for a vasectomy?

Before you undergo a vasectomy, Dr. Youngren conducts a physical exam and reviews your medical history. He asks you to avoid over-the-counter pain medication for at least 48 hours prior to your procedure. 

During your initial consultation, let Dr. Youngren know about any prescription medications or supplements you take regularly. You might need to stop taking these as well. On the day of your procedure, wear comfortable clothing and bring a jockstrap to wear home.

What happens during a vasectomy?

Prior to your no-scalpel vasectomy, you change into a hospital gown. Dr. Youngren administers an injection of local anesthetic into your groin. The anesthesia numbs your lower body, ensuring you experience no pain or discomfort during the procedure.

Once the anesthesia sets in, Dr. Youngren locates the vas deferens beneath your skin. He then uses a special clamp from outside your scrotum to hold the vas deferens in place. After positioning the clamps, Dr. Youngren uses a tool to poke a small hole in your scrotum. He carefully pulls your vas deferens through the hole and cuts them.

Afterward, Dr. Youngren ties the ends off and puts your vas deferens back in their original position. A no-scalpel vasectomy typically takes less than 20 minutes.

What is recovery like after a vasectomy?

Following your vasectomy, it’s normal to experience some mild swelling and sensitivity. Take over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain. The holes heal on their own and don’t require stitches.

Avoid sexual intercourse or ejaculation for at least a week. Also, refrain from heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, or other intense activities. You can return to work within 48 hours of your procedure.

If you’re interested in learning more about a vasectomy, schedule an appointment at Advanced Urology. Book a consultation online or call the office to speak with a caring staff member today.